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You’ve heard my comments on abortion many, many times on the show here, and please don’t ever write me or counterman me or express your opinion because I don’t fucking want to hear it. I have my opinion on it, you have yours- are they equal? NO. Mine is more valid than yours. I’m so fucking sick of the abortion argument being presented as two equal sides facing one other. Most of the people in the country- most of the people in the world- want women to have access to fucking health care so their life’s not in danger. Its only a very few fucking sociopaths who want women to not have any access to abortion at all, and the reason is simply this: they do not like women. It’s not about babies, it’s not about fetishizing fetuses- fetuses don’t mean anything to anyone that is on this fucking side of pro-“life”- it’s about hating on women. And that’s the end of that fucking argument. Don’t write me, don’t fucking call me, don’t twitter me- you know I’m fucking right, look inside your heart. You don’t give a shit about a fetus! You don’t. Give. A. Shit.

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Proops is LIFE so you better start living it! He’s forever snatching our edges. Don’t be late.

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“If you really believe that representation doesn’t matter, then why the fuck are you threatened by it? If not seeing yourself depicted in stories has no negative psychological impact - if the breakdown of who we see on screen has no bearing on wider social issues - then what would it matter if nine stories out of ten were suddenly all about queer brown women? No big, right? It wouldn’t change anything important; just a few superficial details. Because YOU can identify with ANYONE.

So I guess the problem is that you just don’t want to. Because deep down, you think it’ll make stories worse. And why is that? Oh, yeah: because it means they wouldn’t all be about YOU.”

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